The Mercedes AMG GT making a splash in Berlin

A beam of sun in the stormy Berlin of February. That is the thing that the Mercedes AMG GT ended up being in the capital city of Germany. The most current games auto by Mercedes-AMG was the VIP of an uncommon photograph session.
It presumably brings back terrible memories to say a divider while in Berlin, regardless of the possibility that 25 years have passed subsequent to the Berlin Wall has been taken to the ground. The remains of the divider don’t mean restriction any all the more, however, since November 1989, they have turned into the image of freedom. That is simply what the columnists from Motorward thought when they set the Mercedes AMG GT against the foundation of the graffiti divider.

The yellow featured auto propelled this past September, at the Paris Motor Show, coordinated the décor impeccably. The adaptable GT conceived on the course to speed through chicanes of Nurburgring or Laguna Seca, can clearly prodigy around the city and whirlwind in limited road, while walkers ask: What was that? Much the same as you, we just saw the puddle sprinkle.

At the same time this games auto does not require much talking. It can create an impression for itself. So appreciate the photograph exhibition with the auto making a sprinkle in BerlinMercedes-AMG-GT-Splash-BIG Mercedes-AMG-GT-Splash-BIG-2 Mercedes-AMG-GT-Splash-BIG-4 Mercedes-AMG-GT-Splash-BIG-5 Mercedes-AMG-GT-Splash-BIG-6 Mercedes-AMG-GT-Splash-BIG-7 Mercedes-AMG-GT-Splash-BIG-8 Mercedes-AMG-GT-Splash-BIG-9 Mercedes-AMG-GT-Splash-BIG (1)

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