bmw fastest car

What It Is: A current-era BMW M5 car testing another gimmick that is going to the cutting edge M5: all-wheel drive. (Then again, in BMW-talk, “xDrive.”) The vicinity of front driveshafts on this model and our spy photographic artist’s emphasis that every one of the four wheels were being fueled amid a float shows that BMW is without a doubt testing the use of all-wheel drive to its high-controlled supersedan. This does not shock anyone, truly, as we’ve gotten notification from BMW that simply such a drive arrangement has been considered for the following M5.

Why It Matters: Say what you will about BMW’s on occasion dim administration of its M GmbH execution sub-brand—hi, porky X5 M and X6 M, over-technified M3 and M4, and so forth.—however so far the organization has adhered to great ol’ designed back commute for its stalwart M5. Were BMW to offer xDrive on the following M5, due out around 2017, it would check the first break from the equation

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BMW Fast Car

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